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Factors affecting ground resistance tester

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Accuracy is very important to the test instrument, and it is one of the important factors that affect us to judge whether the grounding is good. The correct usage is also an important aspect. If the test results are inaccurate, it will bring us great hidden dangers, not only wasting manpower and material resources, but may also bring some safety risks to the grounding equipment. Therefore, the ground resistance tester may cause errors due to some factors when testing. The following introduces you to the factors that affect the test results of the ground resistance tester, and the corresponding solutions.

Earth Resistance Tester.png

1. The direction of the test line is wrong and the distance is not long enough.

Solution: find the test direction and distance.

2. There may be interference from other equipment when using the ground resistance tester.

Solution: Adjust the line-out direction, try to avoid the direction with large interference. Make the reading of the ground resistance tester reduce the jitter.

3. The contact resistance between the test clamp and the ground measurement point is too large.

Solution: Polish the contact points with a file or sandpaper. Fully clamp the polished contacts with the test lead clamp.

4. (Ground net) The surrounding soil composition is inconsistent, the performance test geology is different, the compactness, the degree of dryness and wetness are different, and it is dispersive. Stray currents on the ground surface, especially overhead ground wires, underground water pipes, cable sheaths, etc. The impact on testing is particularly great.

Solution: Take different points for measurement and take the average value.

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