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Working principle of partial discharge tester

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In a wide range of applications, a partial discharge tester with high sensitivity and accuracy, under proper calibration, is a very important and practical device to directly read the discharge amount of the pulse generated by the discharge.

The current detector is the principle of high-frequency pulse measurement. When a partial discharge is generated under the test voltage, the pulse control signal of the partial discharge detector will be discharged through the system coupling capacitor and sent to the input data unit. Then the pulse can be obtained through the input unit, and the signal pickup is amplified by the low noise amplifier to amplify the pulse signal.

Partial Discharge Detector.png

Select the desired frequency band in the filter amplifier. After the amplification effect of the main amplifier, the required pair of value and zero mark pulse is reached, and the peak value can be displayed.

The control unit of the time window and the test voltage pulse peak time display action table every week. During this period of time, you can also highlight the corresponding display areas on the oscilloscope screen to eliminate the interference of the company's fixed phase. After the test voltmeter passes through the capacitive voltage divider, a zero-crossing signal of the test voltage is generated. This signal can display zero standard pulse on the oscilloscope screen, and the test voltage is indicated by a digital voltmeter.

The principle of the partial discharge test device is very complicated. When using the instrument, it must be operated in accordance with the specifications. And carry out daily maintenance and maintenance work. If we find an abnormality, we should deal with it in time to avoid affecting the normal work of the enterprise.

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