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Use of insulation resistance tester

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What is an insulation resistance tester? What does it do? Insulation resistance testers, commonly known as digital shake meters and digital megohm meters, have been increasingly accepted by the majority of electrical people.

1) How to wire the insulation resistance?

Answer: First of all, the system under test must be powered off. Connect the insulation test voltage terminal and COM terminal of the insulation meter to the test object respectively. Take the measurement of an insulated wire as an example, connect one end to the insulation rubber and one end to the metal wire. Become a loop.

Insulation Resistance Tester.png

2) Why does the output voltage always jump?

Answer: The basic principle of insulation resistance can be compared to a typical Ohm's law diagram: the meter has a known internal resistance and will output a constant test voltage; at the same time, it detects current. In order to ensure personal safety and equipment safety, the insulation meter is equipped with current limiting protection. If the measured insulator resistance is low, or local breakdown occurs, or the distributed capacitance is large, the current limiting protection function will work. At this time, voltage fluctuations will be observed, and the insulation meter will calculate the insulation resistance based on the actual voltage and current. The measurement results can still remain accurate.

3) Is high voltage measurement safe? The meter is not grounded, how to discharge it?

Answer: Through the scientifically designed internal load, the electric energy after the measurement is recovered to the inside of the meter for consumption, ensuring the safety of users.

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