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The purpose of megohmmeter

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The megohmmeter is also called an insulation shaker, and its function is mainly used to measure the insulation resistance of electrical equipment. There are three binding posts on the megohmmeter, one for "line" is represented by the letter L, one for "grounding" is represented by the letter E, and the other is "shielding" is represented by the letter G (for megohmmeters below 1000V, some do not The "shielding" column is just a "shielding ring" between the "line" column and the watch case, which is insulated from both). When measuring the ground insulation of electrical equipment, connect the E-pillar to the ground and connect the L-pillar to the device under test; when measuring the insulation between the two wires, connect the E and L-pillars to one wire; when measuring the insulation resistance of the cable, to eliminate the leakage of the insulation surface The influence of current needs to wrap the G-pillar on the insulating surface of the cable.

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The megohmmeter, commonly known as the shaker, is a measuring instrument commonly used by electricians. The megohmmeter is mainly used to check the insulation resistance of electrical equipment, household appliances or electrical circuits to the ground and between phases to ensure that these equipment, electrical appliances and circuits are working in a normal state, and to avoid accidents such as electric shock and equipment damage. Most of the megohmmeters are powered by hand-cranked generators, so they are also called shaking meters. Its scale is in megaohms (MΩ).

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