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How to use the circuit breaker tester

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The circuit breaker tester can test the mechanical performance of electromagnetic, circuit breaker and other equipment. The circuit breaker tester has high detection science and accurate detection parameters. After the evaluation, you can fully understand the mechanical condition of the equipment. Let's look at the use steps of the circuit breaker tester:

The first step is to introduce a reflux resistance at four terminals

The introduction of four-terminal reflux resistance is the first step in the work of the switch characteristic tester. Connect the return line of the tester to the four ports of the circuit board (operator). After the return resistance is exported, the reset meter of the circuit breaker tester begins to swing slightly from side to side. This shows that the switch characteristic tester has been started normally.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer.png

Step 2 Connect DC power supply

In order to ensure the safety of the equipment, most switching characteristic testers do not adopt the structure of built-in DC power supply. Instead, the power supply is separated from the device host. When working, the device wire needs to be inserted into the power connection port. When the values on the 3 groups of voltage display panels are all 3 0s, it means that the circuit breaker tester has entered the standby state.

Step 3 Press the measurement switch to adjust the value

After connecting the DC power supply of the switch characteristic tester, press the test switch, and the circuit breaker tester will enter the trial operation state. At this time, the value on the voltage instrument panel is shaking between 0.1-0.9. , The tester needs to adjust manually, set the pointer to 0.5 (if it is an intelligent operation panel, just input 0.5 directly), the adjustment is completed, and the formal work is completed.

Step 4 Close the power supply circuit

After the test, the switch characteristic tester can automatically reset. In order to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, the tester needs to close the power circuit and cut off the power in time.

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