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Scope of application of edge resistance tester

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Insulation resistance tester is an indispensable testing equipment for maintenance, repair, testing and verification of various electrical equipment.

Using medium and large-scale integrated circuits, the internal battery is used as a power source to generate a high-voltage DC current from E to L pole through DC/AC conversion. After 1/V conversion, the calculation is completed by the divider, and the measured insulation resistance value is directly displayed by LDC.

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The performance characteristics of the insulation resistance tester can output four levels of voltage: 500V, 1000V, 2000V, 2500V, equivalent to four hand-cranked pointer megohmmeters. The output power is large, the load capacity is strong, the anti-interference performance is good, and no human work is required. The measuring range of the high-voltage insulation resistance tester can be automatically switched. The clear touch operation on the panel makes the measurement more convenient and quicker. The power supply can be used for both AC and DC. The measurement result is displayed by LCD digital, and the reading is intuitive, eliminating the visual error of the pointer instrument. One minute after the instrument turns on the high-pressure button, it will automatically alarm and lock the display for 5 seconds to calculate the absorption ratio (R60 seconds/R15 seconds). Not afraid of short circuit, the output short circuit current is greater than 1.6mA, which can be directly measured without load measurement and estimation.

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