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4 test methods for winding deformation

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The transformer winding deformation tester is a device specially used for transformer winding deformation test, which detects the amplitude-frequency response characteristics of each winding of the transformer. And compare the test results at multiple levels. According to the change degree of the amplitude-frequency response characteristics, determine the possible winding deformation of the transformer.

Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer.png

1. Conventional methods: such as measuring transformation ratio, DC resistance, etc.) because the measurement sensitivity is too low. It is more difficult to diagnose transformer winding deformation.

2. Capacitance method: Take a dual-winding transformer (low inside and high outside) as an example. When the dielectric loss of the transformer winding and the bushing is performed with a bridge, the low-voltage winding-to-ground concentrated capacitance, the high-low-voltage winding capacitance and the high-voltage winding-to-ground capacitance can be measured and calculated.

3. Low-voltage impedance method: By measuring the impedance or leakage reactance of the transformer winding at 50Hz, the change in impedance or leakage reactance can determine whether the transformer winding has a deformation that endangers the operation. Such as short circuit between turns, open circuit, coil displacement, etc.

4. Frequency response method: Input the frequency sweep voltage signal Vs at one end of the winding (input sine wave voltage signals of different frequencies in sequence).

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