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Megger measurement steps

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Note the specific steps of megohmmeter measurement:

1. The power supply of the equipment must be cut off before measurement. And ground or short-circuit discharge to ensure the safety of people and equipment and obtain correct measurement results.

2. Pay special attention to safety during the use of the shaker. Because the shaker terminal has a higher voltage, the measured object should be discharged immediately after the shaker is measured. Before the handle of the shaker has stopped rotating and the measured object has not been discharged, do not touch the measured part with your hands, nor remove the connecting wire to prevent electric shock.

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3. For equipment that may induce high voltage. Measures must be taken to eliminate the induced high voltage before measuring.

4. The surface of the tested equipment should be cleaned to obtain accurate measurement results.

5. The measuring wire between the meter and the device under test should be single-stranded wire, connected separately, and double-strand insulated twisted wire should not be used. In order to avoid poor insulation and cause measurement errors.

(1) It is forbidden to use a shaker to measure on the power line during lightning. It is forbidden to measure the insulation resistance near equipment with high-voltage conductors.

(2) When the megohmmeter is not in use, its pointer can be stopped at any position.

A megohmmeter is a meter used to measure the insulation resistance and high-value resistance of the equipment under test.

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