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Precautions for dry-type test transformers

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(1) Before the test, the shell of the high-voltage dry-type test transformer and the ground terminal of the power control box must be well grounded. Otherwise, the safety of people and equipment will be endangered.

(2) Before operation, you must be familiar with the electrical principle and wiring diagram of the high-voltage test transformer and the power control box. If you want to check the DC withstand voltage and leakage test, you can first screw the high-voltage wah or micro-ampere meter on the high-voltage end of the high-voltage test transformer.

Hipot Test Set.png

(3) After the preparation is completed and the wiring is checked, the main power switch can be turned on, and the red switch indicator light is also on. If it does not light, the regulator handle should be returned to the zero position counterclockwise, and the indicator light on the red stop button is on. Otherwise, the start button refuses to cooperate.

(4) Press the start button, the green button indicator light is on, then rotate the regulator handle evenly and slowly clockwise at a speed of 1.5-2 kV per second. The high voltage gradually rises and pay close attention to the instructions of the voltmeter and the condition of the test product until the required test high voltage is adjusted.

(5) To test the withstand voltage test time of the product, you can pull the timer for the required timing and then press the timing and alarm switch. That is to test the product withstand voltage within the specified time. Then the alarm informs that if the tested product is broken down, the overcurrent relay will automatically trip. At this time, the reading of the voltmeter is the value of the breakdown voltage of the product.

(6) If it is necessary to protect the tested product from breakdown. The discharge voltage of the protection ball can be adjusted to about 1.15 times of the test voltage by continuously connecting the discharge protection ball gap on the high voltage side.

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