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Precautions for DC resistance tester

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DC resistance testers are widely used in power generation and power supply units, transformer manufacturing industries, and large and medium-sized power consumers. The safety of using the instrument has also attracted much attention, so what are the precautions in use?

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

1. Matters needing attention

1. The test wire cannot be removed directly after measuring the inductive load. So as not to endanger the safety of testers and equipment due to inductive discharge. The output terminal of this machine is equipped with a discharge circuit. When the output is turned off, the inductance will discharge energy through the instrument. The test line must be removed after the discharge instruction is completed.

2. For no-load tapping transformers. It is not allowed to switch the tap switch during measurement.

3. If the power supply is suddenly cut off during the measurement, the machine will automatically start to discharge. Please do not disassemble the wiring immediately, wait at least 30 seconds before disassembling the wiring.

4. During measurement, do not short-circuit the grounding of other untested windings. Otherwise, it will slow down the magnetizing process of the transformer and prolong the data stabilization time.

5. Please check the power supply voltage before starting up: AC 220V±10% 50Hz.

6. During the test, please confirm that the device under test has been powered off. And disconnect from other live equipment.

7. The case must be grounded reliably during the test.

8. Irrelevant items are not allowed to be stacked on and around the equipment panel during the test.

9. When replacing the fuse and accessories, use the same model as this instrument.

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