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Protective measures for dry-type transformers

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Dry-type transformer protection measures

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1. Gas protection

Gas protection refers to the internal short circuit (including inter-turn short circuit) of the dry-type transformer. However, when the short-circuit current does not reach the current protection setting, the protected transformer is directly tripped. It belongs to the main protection of dry-type transformers and cannot be removed during normal operation. According to the operating pressure of the Buchholz relay, the transformer is divided into two types: light and heavy. Heavy gas acts on tripping, light gas can act on tripping or signal according to the situation.

2. Temperature protection

That is, the temperature of the winding is measured by the temperature controller, and the over-temperature alarm and over-temperature trip signals are issued according to the pre-set. Dry-type transformers generally have two levels of temperature protection: low temperature alarm and high temperature trip. The specific temperature value can be set according to the instructions of the transformer manufacturer.

3. Indoor protection of dry-type transformers

We need to prevent small animals like rats and snakes from entering. Generally, these animals entering the transformer will cause a short circuit of the line, and even higher danger, so we can use an IP20 protective enclosure for protection.

4. Outdoor protection of dry-type transformers

The main purpose is to prevent the entry of rainwater. In the case of the protective shell, we also need to adjust the angle of the transformer to prevent water from entering, but now there are professional outdoor protective shells. In the specific protection work, we have to make judgments based on different environments. Moreover, harsh environments should be avoided as much as possible, so as not to reduce the performance of the transformer.

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