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Daily maintenance of relay protection tester

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Daily maintenance of relay protection device:

(1) The personnel on duty should regularly check and inspect the relay protection devices and record the operating status.

(2) Establish a post responsibility system, so that everyone has a post and every post has a person.

(3) Clean the relay protection device. The cleaning work must be carried out by two people to prevent accidental collisions of equipment in operation. Keep a safe distance from live equipment to avoid electric shock and secondary circuit short-circuit and grounding accidents.

Protection Relay Test Set.png

(4) Record the current and voltage sampling values of the microcomputer protection once a week. And record the differential current value of the differential protection.

(5) Regularly perform infrared temperature measurement on the terminal block of the protection device. In order to detect the heat generated by poor contact as soon as possible.

(6) Check and print the printer protected by the computer every month.

(7) Check whether the time of the protection device is correct every month. To facilitate failure analysis after failure occurs.

(8) Periodically check the protection fixed value operation area and print out the fixed value list for verification

The relay protection tester can perform AC test, DC test, low cycle synchronization, time measurement, power impedance, differential test, superimposed harmonics, complete test, impedance ladder, zero sequence protection, system settings and other test items.

The relay protection tester adopts the "AC test" procedure for the overvoltage relay protection test. When the rated voltage of the relay is less than 120V, single-phase voltage can be used as a variable for testing.

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