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Loop resistance tester detection

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Loop resistance tester is also called contact resistance tester or switch loop resistance tester. It is mainly used to detect the contact (loop) resistance of high-voltage switches. It can also be used to detect high-precision measurement of the DC resistance of cable lines and the need for large Current and micro resistance measurement.

Take the high-voltage switch as an example. In popular words, the loop resistance tester is used to detect the closing condition of the high-voltage switch. The performance of the high-voltage switch is also related to the normal operation of the entire power system. Therefore, the detection of the loop resistance of the high-voltage switch in the power work is also a very important test task.

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The loop resistance tester includes a variety of specifications and models such as manual test instruments and automatic test instruments. We take the automatic loop resistance tester as an example, which is actually an intelligent automatic loop resistance tester. It is refined with advanced high-power switching power supply technology and advanced electronic circuits. It is a special test instrument for high and low switches, cables, wires and weld contact resistance. The current adopts the 100A DC recommended by the national standard GB736, and the resistance value of the tested product can be measured under the condition of 100A current.

The circuit (contact) resistance tester has the characteristics of small size, light weight, strong anti-interference ability, high precision, convenient operation and perfect protection function. The instrument adopts the new switching power supply technology, which can continuously output large current for a long time, overcomes the shortcomings of the instantaneous current of the pulsed power supply, can effectively break down the oxide film of the switch contact, and obtain good test results.

Strong anti-interference ability: Under severe interference conditions, the last digit of the LCD screen can be stabilized within ±1 words, with stable readings and good repeatability. The loop resistance tester has a long service life: all high-precision resistors are used to effectively eliminate the influence of ambient temperature on the measurement results. At the same time, the use of connectors enhances the anti-vibration performance.

In addition to the above advantages, the automatic loop resistance tester also has storage and printing functions, which can transmit test data and print test data on-site, and the test performance of the instrument is very stable, and the test accuracy is also high.

The loop resistance tester is mainly used to detect high and low switches, cables, wires, and weld contact resistance. It is also often called switch loop resistance tester, contact loop resistance tester, contact resistance tester, contact ( Loop) Resistance tester, etc.

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