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How to troubleshoot dc resistance tester?

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Dc resistance tester in the testing of the actual power is the power workers, often need to use to a power test instruments, has small volume light weight, powerful wait for a characteristic, was deeply loved by pan bo power test workers, but due to reward use wrong or use fixed number of year expires or the cause of the device itself, dc resistance tester is always some fault happens, the following simple interpretation of the dc resistance tester breakdown how to disarm.

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I. There is no display on the machine, and the reason is no AC 220V. The mode of processing is to check the power cord and insurance.

Second, the display is not normal, mainly because of the main board or monitor fault, mode of processing for checking the computer main board or change the display.

Iii. Fuse insurance during charging, the main reason is current source fault, mode of operation is to change the constant current switching power supply.

The main reason is the hardware circuit fault. The mode of processing is to check the computer main board.

V. Display fault ii. The main reason is current circuit failure or current source fault. The mode of processing is to check wiring.

Third, the main reason is that the charging current cannot meet the requirements, and the mode of processing is too large contact resistance.

Vii. Display failure iv. The main reason is that the tested product exceeds the measured scale.

Although the dc resistance tester produced by each manufacturer has the same functions and principles in general, power workers still need to make specific analysis in accordance with the actual environment. Meanwhile, they need to operate in strict accordance with the copy sheet in the process of use. If serious faults occur, they need to be returned to the factory for processing, which cannot be handled without authorization.

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