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Factors affecting test transformer

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The main factors that affect the test results of the test transformer in the field test of the test transformer. For the safety of the test transformer, the accuracy of the test data and the feasibility of the test are seriously affected. During the high-voltage test, there are many factors that affect the test. , The following Wuhan Hezhong Electric technicians analyze the main influencing factors one by one.

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First, the high pressure test will be affected by humidity and temperature. Humidity: The high-voltage test section must be conducted under shielded conditions, and the air humidity will be affected during the test, which will affect the accuracy of the experimental data. For measured data, it is impossible to obtain accurate data through one test. A large number of tests are needed to ensure the accuracy of the data. The corresponding results can be obtained by comparing historical data with standard data. During the test, The greater the index of air humidity, the lower the accuracy of the measured results. Therefore, during the high pressure test, the influence of the humidity in the air is one of the main reasons.

Affected by temperature: During the high-pressure test, the influence of temperature is mainly manifested in the sensitivity of the test material to temperature. The material used in the transformer is insulating. When the temperature is very high, the insulation of the material will deteriorate and the resistance of the insulation will decrease. The main reasons are as follows:

Irregular movement of ions and molecules. The irregular movement of molecules is severely affected by temperature. When the temperature becomes higher, the movement of molecules will become intense. Similarly, the movement of ions in the insulation resistance will gradually accelerate when the temperature rises. The polarity of the resistance becomes larger, which reduces the resistance.

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