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DC high voltage generator current limit

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The DC high voltage of the HVDC test is generated by the DC high voltage generator. As a basic equipment for the high voltage test, it is not only used for the insulation test of electrical equipment. It can also be used as a charging power source for high-voltage test equipment such as impulse voltage generators and impulse current generators, and plays a pivotal role in DC high-voltage tests.

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The influence of the current-limiting resistance of the DC high-voltage generator on the test of the zinc oxide arrester:

The current-limiting resistor is installed on the high-voltage lead-out terminal on the top of the high-voltage pressure cylinder of the DC high-voltage generator. Its main function is to limit the current when the test product breaks down or flashes during the test. When the current exceeds the set value, it can protect the test product in front of it from damage, and also protect the instrument behind it from being impacted by large currents, thereby avoiding damage to the test equipment.

When using a DC high-voltage generator, if the test product is a small current and small capacitor test product, current-limiting resistors, such as zinc oxide arresters, ordinary valve arresters, and high-voltage switches, are not required; in power cables, transformers, and motors When testing large-capacitance equipment, a current-limiting resistor must be “connected in series” in the high-voltage circuit of the DC high-voltage generator to protect the test equipment; during the zinc oxide arrester test, the capacity of the DC high-voltage generator may exceed the limit according to the site conditions. In the case of, a current-limiting resistor should also be installed.

When the DC high voltage generator is equipped with a current-limiting resistor, the measured reference voltage and leakage current values are higher than the actual values; during the test, the impact of the current-limiting resistor on the test data should be fully considered in order to obtain as much as possible Accurate data provide reference and basis for subsequent experiments.

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