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How to maintain the partial discharge tester?

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The partial discharge tester is a very precise instrument. In addition to some matters needing attention in use, it also needs proper maintenance when it is not used for a long time. Next, we will introduce how to maintain the partial discharge tester correctly.

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1. Effective moisture proof

In humid climate areas or humid seasons, if the partial discharge tester is not used for a long time, it should be powered on once a month and run for about 2 hours each time to allow moisture to escape and protect components.

2. Reasonable storage

When not in use, the partial discharge tester should be stored in a ventilated, non-corrosive room with an ambient temperature of -20~60℃ and a relative humidity of no more than 85%.

Three, prevent exposure

When used outdoors, operate under shade as much as possible, and try to avoid or reduce the direct exposure of the partial discharge tester display to strong sunlight.

Fourth, replace the fuse

When the terminal board has electricity and the partial discharge tester cannot start normally, you can check whether the fuse on the power socket is intact. If it is burned, you need to replace the matching new fuse. The installation method can refer to the original fuse installation position.

Five, pay attention to transportation

The partial discharge tester is a precision and valuable device. During transportation, ensure that the case is fastened to prevent the panel, especially the light screen, from being damaged. It is strictly forbidden to drop or hit it heavily during transportation.

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