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Test procedure of loop resistance tester

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The loop resistance tester is a special instrument for measuring contact resistance and loop resistance of switch control equipment. There are several steps to use the loop resistance tester?

Micro Ohmmeter.png

1. First follow the four-wire measurement method. Connect the test product to the instrument panel with a dedicated test line. Note that the voltage measurement line should be connected inside the current output line.

2. Then turn on the AC220V power supply. Note that the third wire of the power inlet, the protective ground, must be connected to the ground. Press the power switch, and the ammeter and resistance meter will display "000" at this time (you can allow one digit to jump in the unnumbered).

3. Press the measurement switch again, adjust the current output knob clockwise until the current meter head displays "100.0", and then read the number on the resistance meter head to be the resistance value of the tested product. And record the data. (If it displays "1", it means the measured loop exceeds the range).

4. After the test is completed, turn the current output adjustment knob counterclockwise to low, and reset the measurement switch. Turn off the power switch again, if you want to repeat the test, just reset the measurement switch. Re-clamp the test clamp and press the measurement switch again.

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