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The importance of relay protection testing

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Power system relay protection is an effective technology to ensure the safe operation of the power system and improve economic benefits. With the popularization of the application of microcomputer relay protection, the protection device gradually has the corresponding data interface to realize the remote transmission of important information of the protection device.

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With the rapid development of computer technology and the widespread application of computers in the field of power system relay protection, new control principles and methods have been continuously applied to computer relay protection. In recent years, artificial intelligence technologies such as expert systems, artificial neural networks, Genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, wavelet theory, etc. have been applied in various fields of the power system, so that the research of relay protection has developed to a higher level, and there have been eye-catching new trends. For example, in the field of power system relay protection, artificial neural networks (ANN) have emerged to realize fault type discrimination, fault distance measurement, direction protection, and main equipment protection. When the system potential angle on both sides of the transmission line is opened, the short circuit through the transition resistance is a nonlinear problem. It is difficult for the distance protection to correctly determine the fault location, which causes misoperation or refusal. For the training of a large number of failure samples, as long as the samples are fully considered in various situations, any failure can be correctly identified.

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