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What is a DC resistance tester

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After installation, maintenance and replacement of the tap changer, the DC resistance test of the transformer winding is an indispensable test item. Under normal circumstances, the traditional method (bridge method and voltage drop method) is used to measure transformer windings and high-power inductance equipment The DC resistance is a time-consuming and laborious task. In order to change this situation, shorten the measurement time and reduce the workload of the tester, a transformer DC resistance tester was developed. It uses a new power source technology, which has the characteristics of fast measurement speed, compact size, easy use and high measurement accuracy. It is an ideal device for measuring the DC resistance of transformer windings and high-power inductance equipment. It can also be used as the DC resistance of the ground wire.

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Transformer DC Resistance Tester is a new type of instrument designed to measure the DC resistance of large-capacity transformers. It is an integrally designed high-precision steady-state power supply and test component. The test process is controlled by a microcomputer, stable flow judgment, data acquisition, data processing and resistance are automatically completed. Numerical display and printing. The instrument can be equipped with a primary power supply for longitudinal testing of on-load voltage regulators, which can fully save test time and set a temperature rise test function for transformer manufacturers. It has the characteristics of simple operation, high accuracy, anti-interference, etc., and can quickly and accurately measure various types of transformers.

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