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Is the dry test transformer easy to use?

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We should be familiar with oil-immersed transformers and dry-type test transformers. These are test transformers that are commonly used. Many people do not know how to use dry-type test transformers? Or is the dry-type test transformer easy to use? Let's take a brief look.

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Dry-type test transformers have their own advantages over oil-immersed test transformers, but oil-immersed test transformers are more commonly used in daily life. But oil-immersed test transformers have certain requirements for the working environment, so dry-type transformers are still used in some special occasions. Is the specific dry-type transformer easy to use? Let's find out more specifically. Dry-type transformers need a heat insulation system, which can effectively promote air circulation and keep them fresh, so the unit will be larger, and the oil-filled model will be larger. In addition, dry-type transformers use more materials, so the cost will be more High, in terms of performance, the requirements for power distribution devices are relatively high. The natural cooling mechanism is not constant, and it is very susceptible to the influence of the surrounding environment, so overall, the life of dry-type transformers will be relatively short, under normal circumstances, the service life is 15 to 25 years. But the working life of the oil-immersed type can be maintained at 25 to 35 years.

Furthermore, the optimal working condition of the dry-type test transformer requires continuous inspection, so there will be more requirements for the operator, and attention should be paid to the blinds to ensure that they will not be blocked. If the cleaning is not done well, it may cause the machine overheat. The most important point is that dry-type test transformers do not require conventional oil analysis, but there are some restrictions. One thing to note is that dry-type transformers are more suitable for indoor places and areas that are prone to fire. In addition, for the installation and operation of workstations, there will be fewer supervision requirements for maintenance. So according to our needs, the choice of transformer for indoor or outdoor work is also different.

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