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Relay protection tester for action value test

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The microcomputer relay protection tester is a high-voltage power test instrument that power workers often need to use. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, fast speed, and multiple functions. It is very popular among power workers and is a very good power test equipment. , This article briefly introduces how the microcomputer relay protection tester performs the action value test.

Protection Relay Test Set.png

Search starting point: the starting point of the frequency search.

Search end: the search end of the frequency.

Search step: the change step of the search frequency. Generally, a suitable step size is selected according to the test requirements. The smaller the step size, the higher the test accuracy of the action value.

Waiting time: Set the time to keep the current output after each step of the search process and wait for the protection action. Generally, the setting of the waiting time should be greater than the protection action time.

Reset frequency: the frequency at which the protection device can be reliably reset within the reset time.

Reset time: Considering that the protection may need a certain time reset process, the voltage and current state determined by the starting point of the change is first output before the test to ensure the protection resets reliably before the test.

Change interval time: When performing frequency change, the interval time between two frequency changes. If the sampling rate or accuracy of the protection device is low, the interval time can be appropriately enlarged.

Anti-shake time: When the contact closing or opening time of the protection device is less than this time, the contact action is not confirmed.

The test methods of the microcomputer relay protection testers produced by different manufacturers are similar, and electric workers need to master them according to the actual situation and need to read the product manuals.

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