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What does the DC resistance tester mainly do?

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In the work of electric power workers, they often hear that there is a commonly used device, that is, a DC resistance tester. This device has a larger application range, and its accuracy is much higher than that of a multimeter. It is easy to use and cheap. Welcome to the majority of power workers.

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

The main function of the DC resistance tester is to measure the DC resistance of power transformers and high-power inductive devices. It is a relatively conventional but practical device. The DC resistance test of the transformer windings is an indispensable test item after the transformer is handed over, overhauled and tap changer changed. It is stipulated that the DC resistance of transformer windings needs to be measured during transformer handover, overhaul, minor repair, change of tap position, fault inspection and pre-test.

The purpose of measuring the DC resistance of the power transformer is to check the welding quality of the wires and leads inside the windings; check whether the contacts of the tap changer are in good condition; check whether the windings or lead wires are broken; check the correctness of the parallel branches and whether there are The windings formed by several parallel wires have broken wires at one or several places; check for short circuits between layers and turns.

On the whole, testing the DC resistance of a power transformer with a DC resistance tester is equivalent to doing a full body check on the power transformer, and finding out the small fault points inside the transformer in time, which is a good helper for the safe operation of the value-preserving power transformer.

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