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Introduction of high voltage switch tester

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Electric workers often hear about high-voltage switch testers and circuit breaker testers when they are working. Many people will easily think that these are two different devices. In fact, although the names of these two devices are different, they are actually A kind of equipment is just a different name. There is no difference between a high-voltage switch tester and a circuit breaker tester. It is a kind of equipment. This article will briefly introduce this equipment.

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High-voltage switches are also known as circuit breakers. After a long period of use, if you want to know whether the equipment can still work normally and what is its withstand voltage level, what should I do? At this time, it is necessary to use a high-voltage switch tester or a circuit breaker tester to perform the test work to find the insulation withstand voltage point of the high-voltage switch circuit breaker, and use this as a basis to judge the insulation properties of the high-voltage switch or circuit breaker.

The high-voltage switch tester is mainly suitable for the mechanical characteristics test of various types of SF6 switches, GIS combined electrical appliances, vacuum switches, and oil switches. It has strong anti-interference ability. It can also be easily tested when the bypass bus of 500KV substation is electrified. Test and measure accurately. Use Chinese menu operation, easy to use. The built-in printer of the instrument can quickly print all data and maps at any time. The instrument is equipped with a USB interface and data analysis management software, which can be operated online with a PC. The test results can be directly stored in a U disk, and can also be output to various needle, laser or inkjet printers to print test reports to computerize the field test.

There is no difference between the high-voltage switch tester and the circuit breaker tester. It is just two names for a device. It is widely used in the performance test of high-voltage switch circuit breakers and has greater practicability.

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