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What to do with partial discharge in switchgear?

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During the use of the switchgear, if an insulation failure occurs and the equipment is damaged, most of the reasons for the equipment failure are internal insulation aging and partial discharge, which has not been dealt with in time. Therefore, the switchgear needs to be partially treated regularly. The detection of electric discharge treats the danger in a budding state.

In the process of measuring the partial discharge of the switchgear, a partial discharge tester is required. The main function of this equipment is to test the partial discharge of the switchgear. It can be used to test the partial discharge of the switchgear when the switchgear is uninterrupted. The measurement can detect the discharge point in time without affecting the normal use of the switchgear, which has very good practicability.

Partial Discharge Detector.png

The partial discharge tester has a fast detection speed. It can quickly detect the running state of the equipment by collecting different signals generated by the internal partial discharge of different high-voltage equipment. The installation and inspection can be carried out under the operating state of the equipment, which has no effect on the normal operation of the equipment, which is convenient for the staff to evaluate the operating state of the switchgear in time, which greatly improves the reliability, safety and effectiveness of the equipment operation. The handheld partial discharge tester has high reliability in detecting data. The system uses multi-level detection and frequency reduction technology to reduce the frequency of the discharge signal. At the same time, it uses a high-speed AD conversion circuit to complete the digitization of the signal, and through digital signal processing, adaptive filtering and other interference signals The processing method ensures the reliability of the detected data.

After a partial discharge occurs in the switchgear, it is necessary to use certain equipment in time to conduct online detection of the discharge location, quickly find the partial discharge point, and carry out maintenance treatment, so as to ensure the normal operation of the switchgear.

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