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The role of DC high voltage generator

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The function of the DC high voltage generator is mainly used in the power department of the power maintenance department, industrial and mining, steel, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other enterprises to perform DC on high-voltage electrical equipment such as power cables, generators, zinc oxide arresters, high-voltage switches, and transformers. Withstand voltage test.

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Since the DC withstand voltage test is necessary from the perspective of power safety, the importance of the DC high voltage generator has also been well reflected. From this perspective, the performance of the DC high voltage generator is directly related to the success of the DC withstand voltage test. In order to do a good job in the test, in order to get more accurate test data, we need to take a look, is the DC high voltage generator good?

When we are going to buy a DC high-voltage generator, we first think about whether the functions are complete and practical, okay? Then this DC high voltage generator has been researched and developed with the latest technology, fully based on the user's point of view, the weight of the entire instrument is lighter, it is convenient for the user to move and transport, the operation interface is clearer, and the operation is very simple. The better part of this instrument is that it uses an intermediate frequency voltage doubler circuit, applies PWM pulse width modulation technology and high-power IGBT devices, and uses large voltage feedback, high output voltage stability, and ripple coefficient ≤0.5%, which makes The measurement accuracy of the instrument is higher, the measurement data is more accurate, and the instrument has added a high-precision 75%VDC-1mA function, and the overvoltage protection adopts the code setting, which is clear at a glance, and the error is ±1%. In addition, what is even more surprising is that from a safety point of view, the designer adopts a new type of material, which is light and strong. The surface is coated with special insulating materials, with good electrical performance and strong moisture resistance. It directly makes the maintenance of the instrument easier and longer service life.

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