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Precautions for using DC resistance tester

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The DC resistance tester is a device for measuring the DC resistance of transformer windings and high-power inductance equipment. Due to the use of power supply technology, it has the advantages of fast test speed and high measurement accuracy. Take the YTC316-5 DC resistance tester as an example. What problems should we pay attention to during use?


Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

1. The test line must be removed after the discharge instruction is completed. Since the output terminal of the instrument is equipped with a discharge circuit, any inductive energy will be discharged through the instrument after the instrument is reset. In order to prevent the inductive discharge from causing harm to personnel and equipment, the test line must be removed after the discharge instruction is completed.

2. During the measurement process, it is not allowed to switch the tap switch during the whole test process for the no-load tapping transformer.

3. If the power supply is suddenly cut off during the test, do not remove the wiring immediately, because the instrument will automatically start to discharge, so wait at least half a minute before connecting to it.

4. Do not short-circuit to ground the windings that are not tested during the measurement, because this will slow down the magnetization process of the transformer, prolong the data stabilization time or the value is incorrect.

5. Be sure to check the power supply voltage before turning on the power: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz.

6. The instrument is a power-off test, so before starting the test, confirm that the equipment on the north side is powered off and disconnected from other devices with points.

7. Before starting the test, confirm that the instrument case is reliably grounded.

8. During the test, do not pile up debris on the equipment panel or around the equipment.

9. If you need to change accessories, you need to confirm the instrument model with the manufacturer, and match it again and again.

10. Pay attention to prevent oil pollution and moisture during use.

11. When the current exceeds the range and fails to reach the preset value, the instrument will always be in the "charging" state. At this time, you need to press the reset button, and then select a smaller current range after the instrument is reset.

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