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How to choose a DC resistance tester

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High-voltage power equipment such as power transformers, relays, and generators need to be tested for performance before leaving the factory, being delivered for use, and overhauled. The DC resistance value of these high-voltage power equipment is a very important test item, so DC resistance testing is required At present, there are many merchants that produce and sell this equipment on the market. The quality of the products varies from good to bad, and the price is very different. Therefore, electricians need to keep their eyes open when choosing a DC resistance tester. How to choose a DC resistance tester? This article will give you a brief introduction.

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Why do you want a DC resistance tester? The DC resistance of the transformer is a test item for the semi-finished product of the transformer manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and change of the tap, and the power department will test the preventive test in the test. To check the existence or non-existence of the winding turns and the short-circuit connection, the voltage can detect that the corresponding position of the contact point of the tap is good and the actual position indicates the welding quality, whether the lead is broken, Multi-stranded wire and whether the chain has been broken.

When choosing a DC resistance tester, you must first choose according to your own power equipment test requirements. DC resistance testers are generally divided into 3A, 5A, 10A, 20A, 30A, 50A, etc., and power workers need to choose according to their own The equipment test needs to choose, just select the appropriate range. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the accuracy of the equipment. If the accuracy of the equipment is not up to standard, it cannot be selected.

Through the first two steps, many unqualified products have been filtered out, and then it is about the price. As a device that has been on the market for more than ten years, the price of the DC resistance tester will not be too high, but it will not be very low. , If the equipment is much lower than the market price, it can’t be bought no matter how cheap it is, because manufacturers are most likely to cut corners in order to save costs during production, so electric workers need to keep their eyes open when choosing.

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