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What are the advantages of dry test transformers

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If power workers want to perform boosting work, they need to use test transformers. Generally speaking, the current test transformers are divided into dry type, rechargeable type and oil-immersed type. These three mainstream test transformers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, if the test site has higher environmental sanitation requirements and less movement, it is more suitable for dry-type test transformers.

Hipot Test Set (Dry Type).png

Dry-type test transformer adopts coil epoxy vacuum casting, which is an important equipment for dielectric strength withstand voltage test. Test transformer is suitable for field test of various electrical equipment of power system and insulation performance of various power users.

Compared with the oil-immersed test research transformer technology of the same capacity and voltage, the instrument weakens the magnetic leakage and improves the strength of the system's insulation material and the ability to resist moisture. And it has the advantages of light weight, small size, relatively stable performance, more convenient portability, and no oil leakage.

The input voltage of the GYD dry test transformer is 200V. The principle of electromagnetic induction based on the input voltage needs to be changed. The output high voltage can be continuously adjusted to the nominal value obtained from zero volts. When the DC voltage and leakage current are detected, as long as the voltage is stacked in silicon, the input voltage can be changed in order to obtain different values of the output DC high voltage.

Compared with oil-immersed test transformers and gas-filled test transformers, dry-type test transformers are cleaner and more hygienic, no oil will appear, and the price is cheaper. However, due to their relatively large weight, they are suitable for use in places with less movement.

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