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Dry-type transformer maintenance checklist

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In order to extend the service life and the best performance of dry-type transformers, regular maintenance is strongly recommended.

The following transformer checklist includes important checkpoints for routine maintenance; however, be sure to check the product-specific maintenance guide to ensure that there are no other details specific to a particular transformer. The frequency of regular transformer maintenance inspections will vary according to the operating environment and the type of load applied.

Hipot Test Set (Dry Type).png

Check dust accumulation

1. Visually inspect the cover shutters, screen and internal coil cooling ducts for dust accumulation. If found, please wait until the transformer is powered off and remove any panels

2. Once the power is off, extract as much dust as possible

3. Clean the transformer with a brush or lint-free cloth. Avoid using cleaners or cleaning products because they may accumulate future dust and accelerate the aging of the transformer

4. In inaccessible areas, blow dry air into the device

Over time, dust and debris can accumulate, which can cause problems with the transformer, leading to electrical shorts and overheating.

The transformer is full of energy

1. Confirm good ventilation

2. Monitor any changes in the sound characteristics of the transformer

And the transformer is powered off

1. Make sure all accessible hardware is tightened

2. Clean the cooling fan

3. Check the insulation surface for any signs of discoloration or thermal damage

4. The isolation damper should be monitored for signs of deterioration

Although liquid-filled transformers are monitored based on indicator meters, dry-type transformer maintenance mainly includes subjective observation. No matter how often you maintain your equipment, problems may arise at any time. Be sure to pay attention to the appearance and operation of the transformer. If you find any abnormalities, be sure to deal with the problem immediately to avoid damage.

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