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Principle of Insulation Resistance Meter

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1. Principle of insulation resistance meter

The insulation resistance meter is an intelligent dual-display insulation resistance meter (two files). It adopts the embedded industrial single-chip real-time operating system, and the digital analog pointer and the digital segment code display are perfectly combined. It is also called digital insulation resistance meter, megohm meter, and intelligent insulation resistance tester. Wait. This series of meters has a variety of voltage output levels, large capacity, strong anti-interference, AC and DC dual purpose, simple operation, various measurement results with anti-power failure features. It is an ideal testing instrument for measuring the insulation resistance of large-capacity transformers, transformers, generators, high-voltage motors, power capacitors, power cables, and lightning arresters.

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2. Principle of Insulation Resistance Meter

The insulation resistance meter mainly uses a voltage to excite the device or network under test, and then measures the current generated by the excitation, and uses Ohm's law to measure the resistance. For example, these electrical testers apply a much higher voltage when making resistance measurements compared to the ohmmeter function on a digital multimeter (DMM). The voltage range used by the megohmmeter is usually from 50V to as high as 5 kV; and the voltage of a typical digital multimeter is generally less than 10 V. For insulation testing, the resistance value range that needs to be measured is very large, the upper limit can reach 10TΩ, and the required voltage is higher.

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