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Preparation before using DC high voltage generator

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Preparation before using DC high voltage generator:

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The first step: check the integrity of the instrument before use. There should be no open circuit or short circuit in the connecting wires, and the equipment should not be broken.

Step 2: Place the main unit and the pressure doubler in a suitable position, and connect the power cord, dedicated four-core connecting wire and grounding wire respectively. The grounding wire of the host computer, the grounding wire of the pressure doubler and the grounding wire of the discharge rod should be connected to the ground wire of the tested product separately (ie, one-point grounding). It is strictly forbidden to connect the grounding wires in series with each other, and use the dedicated grounding wire equipped with the instrument.

Step 3: Place the power switch in the off position and turn the voltage regulator potentiometer counterclockwise to zero. The overvoltage protection setting value is generally 1.1 times the test voltage.

Step 4: Before turning on the power switch on the panel of the control box, make sure that the DC high voltage generator is connected to a 220V AC power supply, carefully check whether the wiring is correct, and also check whether the ground wire of the high voltage discharge rod is reliable.

No-load boost test and verify the setting value of voltage protection:

Step 1: Connect the single-phase AC220V power supply and turn on the power switch. At this time, the red light is on, indicating that the power is on.

Step 2: Press the green button, the green light is on, indicating that the high voltage is on.

Step 3: Gently adjust the voltage regulator potentiometer in a clockwise direction, the output will start to boost from zero, the host voltmeter shows the value of the boosted voltage, slowly boost to close to the overvoltage protection setting value, record the voltage Meter reading, and verify whether the recorded value is 1.1 times the voltage setting value, and check the host and high-voltage output line for abnormal phenomena and noise.

Step 4: Step down and reset the voltage regulator to zero, press the red button to cut off the high voltage output and turn off the power switch.

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