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How to use DC resistance tester

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1. Preparation before measurement:

First, connect the power cord and reliably to the ground of the direct blocking device, and then provide the test line to connect to the DC resistance tester panel corresponding to the color of the input and output terminals, the test end of the line is the measurement test across the transformer winding Jaws, and points of contact friction to ensure good contact.

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

2. Start measuring:


The DC resistance tester starts to charge the winding under test after pressing the "Measure" button, and displays the charging progress bar in the middle display area of the interface below. It takes a certain time for the current to stabilize, and the current value rises from zero to the rated value.

Note: If the current value progress bar does not increase during the charging time arrest, the resistance value of the winding current may exceed the selected current measurement range, and the current value reaches a predetermined value, press the "Exit" button to exit the measurement, and Choose a current retry pinion.

When the current reaches the rated value, the charging ends, the DC resistance tester starts to sample and calculate the data, and the display prompts "Measuring, please wait a moment". After the calculation is completed, the measured resistance value will be displayed on the display, and wait for the data to stabilize After that, you can press the "Save" button to store or press the "Print" button to print the data.

When measuring the no-load tap-changer, it is not allowed to directly pass the switching tap-changer. You must exit the measurement working state. After the discharge is completed, we can continuously switch the tap-changer!

3. End the measurement:

After the measurement is completed, press "Exit" to measure. If it is an inductive load, when the DC resistance tester will automatically start discharging the winding, it will display the prompt "Discharged, please wait" and a buzzer will be issued. After disappearing, the sound prompts, discharge, the measurement wiring can be removed, and the next test winding.

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