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How to detect high voltage switch

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High-voltage switches are also called circuit breakers. They generally refer to electrical equipment with a rated voltage of 3kV and above. They are used to break and close the electrical circuit. The control and protection of the power system depends on the function of the high-voltage switch. The high-voltage switch controls the power system. It is mainly necessary to put power equipment or lines into or out of operation according to the operation requirements of the power system. The protection of the power system is mainly to protect the power system when the circuit fails, the high-voltage switch can quickly cut off the faulty part from the power system, thereby ensuring the other parts of the power system Part of it continues to operate normally. Therefore, it is very important to test the dynamic characteristics of the high-voltage switch in the routine preventive test.

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To detect the dynamic characteristics of high-voltage switches, you can use a high-voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester to test the high-voltage switches. Because of its large voltage adjustable range, this instrument is almost suitable for all types of GIS combination appliances, SF6 switches, vacuum switches, The mechanical characteristic test of the oil switch, and because the instrument has strong anti-interference ability, the test can be easily completed even when the bypass bus of the 500KV substation is energized, and the measurement is accurate. During the test, the high-voltage switch is activated every time. The instrument can automatically measure all the test data and the corresponding waveform graph, which is convenient for power testers to view the results, and because this instrument is affordable, the test equipment is more popular with power workers.

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