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How to perform insulation resistance test?

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Usually, you will need two leads (positive and negative) connected to an insulating technology barrier, connected to the third lead protection terminal which may not be available with your tester. If it is, you may or may not need to use it. The protective terminal is used as a shunt to remove the connected components from the measurement. In other words, it allows you to selectively evaluate certain major electrical equipment component.

Obviously, it is a good idea to have a basic corporate familiarity with the project you are testing. Basically, what you should know and what should be cut off. The equipment you are testing will determine how you pass the resistance test by connecting your insulation material. instrument.

After the connection is established, apply the test voltage for 1 minute, (this is a standard industry parameter that can make the past relatively accurate readings to test other technicians.).

Insulation Resistance Tester (2).png

During this time interval, the resistance reading should drop or keep a relatively stable, the larger insulation system shows a stable drop; the smaller system will remain stable, because the capacitance and absorption current drop to zero faster than the system, 1 minute After that, you should read and record the resistance value.

The insulation resistance test must be consistent. why? Because the electrical insulation exhibits dynamic behavior during the test; whether the dielectric is "good" or "bad", to evaluate the test and analysis results of a large amount of data on the same device, you must use the same environmental design parameters every time System testing can be done in the same way.

Your resistance readings will change over time. This is because the electrical insulating material can exhibit capacitance and will charge during the test work. This is a bit frustrating for beginners. However, it has become an experienced technician Useful tools.

As you gain and develop more knowledge and skills, you will become familiar with this behavior and be able to make the most of it when evaluating system test analysis results, which is a popular simulation of factors that generate test persistence.

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