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Use of lightning protection component tester

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Now it is precisely because of the lightning protection component tester that specific tests can be completed, especially for discharge tubes, etc., because such testers can be easily operated, so it can be said to be many When using the testing equipment that users will know, it also needs to pay attention to a lot of things to complete the use of the current testing equipment.

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When using a lightning protection component tester, you must first understand such a tester. First of all, because the current tester is equipped with a range adjustment function, the test voltage should be reduced as much as possible during use, so as to reduce the energy consumption in it, so as to extend the service life of the instrument and reduce Safety hazards are helpful to improve work efficiency. When users use it, they need to make full use of this function.

In addition, the current tester is used to test the discharge tube. Generally, when the discharge tube is tested, the voltage value has a fixed range. Therefore, when using it, you must pay attention to the test range. Only in this way can the tester be used correctly if the test range is exceeded. In addition, when testing, pay attention to the cleanliness of the work surface to avoid problems such as test errors due to leakage current.

This kind of lightning protection component tester has become a kind of tester that many people will know. Only through such an instrument can the test of the discharge tube be completed. The most important thing is that when using it, you also need to pay attention to many related matters. Only in this way can the tester be used correctly and the accuracy of the test can be guaranteed.

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