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Application range of insulation resistance tester

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Nowadays, many organizations use insulation resistance testing, and they are also guaranteeing the safety effect of subsequent testing. Generally speaking, we need to do some tentative work in the preparation stage, and we want to Smoother and save time. When preparing, or the details that need to be paid attention to in the entire operation process, it cannot be ignored. Many people are not particularly familiar with the insulation resistance tester. Below we will give a brief introduction to the application range of the insulation resistance tester.

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The insulation resistance tester has three main purposes. First, it can accurately test the insulation of power medium and high voltage transformers, current transformers, cable motors and generators, circuit breakers, etc., and the second can ensure the insulation of power transmission and distribution equipment. Continuous operation to prevent power outages and shutdowns. Third, when the battery is exhausted, it can maintain working efficiency and use the online main power supply. The most important point is that the insulation resistance test also has special power distribution maintenance. It is very intelligent, and the intelligent battery charging function can ensure the best charging relationship between the battery and the battery power, thereby shortening the battery time to up to six Hours of continuous testing.

But specifically, before we use insulation resistance test one, the first thing we must pay attention to is that the power supply must be cut off before the measurement. To achieve the measurement, it needs to be measured and the equipment and power supply to be tested can be. Dog cutting off is something that must be done, so as to reduce the risk caused by point measurement, and to ensure that personal safety is better guaranteed during the operation phase. Secondly, the cleanliness of the inspected items must be guaranteed. There is dust on the surface, which will generate static electricity, and the accuracy of the tested data will also be affected, so the cleanliness of the tested items is very important. Before using the insulation electrical tester, we need to have an in-depth understanding of the preparation work, so as to ensure that the operation effect is safer and more assured.

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