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Common methods of ground resistance tester

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Many people don’t know much about ground resistance testers, and they don’t know how to use them. Commonly used methods include two-wire method, three-wire method, four-wire method and single-clamp method and double-clamp method. Different measurement methods have different characteristics. When we use it, we must choose the correct measurement method according to our actual situation, so as to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results. What are the common use methods of specific ground resistance measuring instruments? Let us learn more about it.

The test method of the first grounding resistance meter is that when the two constitutions use the two-wire method, what we must prepare is a well-grounded ground. For example, the result of pen measurement is that the measured ground and the known resistance are the same. Yes, the original measurement result is less than the measured resistance, which can be used as the result of the measured ground. It is mainly suitable for areas where there is no way to piling, such as dense buildings or cement ground.

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The second is the three-wire method. The three-wire method must have two ground rods, one is the auxiliary ground, the other is the detection electrode, the distance between the two ground electrodes must not be less than 20 cm, the more suitable is the foundation grounding, construction site The bottom or lightning protection, the spherical lightning rod is grounded.

The third method is to issue four constitutions first, which is basically similar to the three constitutions. In addition, there are single clamp method and single clamp method. It is more suitable that multi-point grounding cannot be disconnected, and the resistance of each node is measured. In addition, the double clamp method is more suitable to use the current specified by the manufacturer to reach the corresponding On the socket, you need to pay attention to the realization of multi-point grounding, no auxiliary ground stakes, and a single grounding measurement.

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