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How to use the insulation resistance tester

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Any invention must have its purpose and method of use. Generally speaking, the method of use is relatively simple, and if it has a wide range of uses, it will be more popular with people. If the use method of an invention is more complicated, its promotion is also very limited. Today, I will introduce the purpose and use method of the insulation resistance tester, so as to help you in the specific operation process.

Insulation resistance measuring instrument is mainly used in the following two aspects. The first is to measure the insulation resistance of generators or high-voltage generators. The second point is to test the insulation resistance of some large-capacity transformers and transformers. Due to the relatively large voltage of these devices, insulation resistance testers must be used when conducting insulation resistance tests. Its usage is as follows. First, cut off the power of the equipment to be tested. This is a very important point because it affects personal safety. The second point is to eliminate devices that may induce high voltages.

Insulation Resistance Tester (2).png

The third point is. Ensure that the measured object is clean and clean. Because of this, accurate results can be measured more accurately. The fourth point is to check whether the insulation resistance tester is working. Otherwise, the following series of operations cannot be carried out. The fifth point is to put it in a stable place when using the insulation resistance tester. The sixth point is that the wiring must be connected correctly when using the insulation resistance tester. The seventh point is that it cannot be short-circuited. When shaking the handle of the insulation resistance tester, shake it slowly. Once a short circuit is found, stop the shaking immediately. The eighth point is to read the correct number after using the insulation resistance tester. Finally, discharge the current of the device.

The above is the purpose and method of use of the insulation resistance tester. In particular, it is necessary to remind that when using it, it must be operated in strict accordance with the requirements of the method of use. For some electrical equipment, safety must be the first.

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