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Is the lightning protection component tester used?

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Whether we are buying a lightning protection component tester or other testing equipment, one thing to note is that we must understand the relevant operating specifications of the components and the specific common sense of safety regulations and so on. For example, when buying a lightning protection component tester, we must read the relevant product instructions so that we can quickly understand the product and prevent some irregular operations that will affect the detection or the instrument. It brings some damage. Many people don't know much about the lightning protection component tester. How do we use the lightning protection component tester below? Let’s make a brief introduction.

Lightening Protection Components Tester.png

The method of using the lightning protection component tester is actually relatively simple. The first thing to note is that we must be clear about the voltage requirements of the lightning protection component tester's power supply? Normally it is 220 volts, and there is an AC power supply and a three-head socket on the back of the instrument. In addition, one thing to note is that all the key switches on the instrument need to be pushed to the highest position, and then the adjustment button is placed in the smallest position. Next, turn on the power switch. After preparing for these tasks, perform a pressure sensitive To test the circuit, put the varistor at the highest position, and after the voltage preset is adjusted to the maximum, turn on the high voltage button and then adjust the high voltage limit and adjust the high voltage preset.

Finally, perform the measurement. Connect the varistor to be measured to the test and then the high-voltage start-stop button. After pressing the test button, some numbers will be generated. If the current is less than one milliampere at this time, then the tested data has no effect, and the test needs to be performed again, and we also need to pay attention to related inspections during the test.

First, check the varistor. After the check is completed, test the discharge tube. Connect the discharge tube to be tested to the test line. If there is a buzzer, put down the discharge tube under test and click the test button. The green display After the light is on and there is no buzzer, then the value displayed on the display at this time is the measured value. Finally, the continuous test can be performed by turning the continuous key to the lowest level. After the test is completed, click the high-voltage button to turn off the high-voltage.

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