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What are the classifications of test transformers?

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Nowadays, many people don’t know what a test transformer is, and they are very unfamiliar with a test transformer, mainly because equipment such as a test transformer is not very common in life, so many people have not seen this equipment or don’t know after seeing it. The equipment we see is test transformers, but test transformers are still very common for power companies. What are the functions of specific test transformers?

Hipot Test Set (Dry Type).png

The test transformer is not just one kind, this kind of equipment can be divided in structure.

The first type is the oil-immersed transformer. Generally speaking, this kind of equipment will be relatively large in size and heavier. Relatively speaking, the maintenance is relatively simple, and the structure is very convenient. The later maintenance cost is a little higher. It is one of the more common test transformers.

Hipot Test Set.png

The second is a gas-filled transformer. This transformer itself does not require maintenance, but relatively speaking, there will be some maintenance in the later period. The advantage is that it is lighter and smaller;

The third type is dry-type transformer equipment. This kind of equipment does not need to be stocked, and the weight is relatively light, but you need to pay attention to it when buying. Dry-type transformers have a higher economic cost overall. A little bit, so we need to consider the purchase cost when purchasing equipment.

Now we should have a certain understanding of the classification of the test transformer, and then consider the classification and volume weight of the transformer, and the most important thing is performance. According to our own needs, choosing the right transformer classification is the most important of.

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