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Characteristics of oil-immersed test transformer

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There are many types of test transformers. Oil-immersed test transformers are just one of them. Many people don’t know what the oil-immersed transformers do. The product types of oil-immersed transformers are also relatively rich, and the most important point is oil. Immersed transformers are relatively small in size, light in weight, very compact in structure, complete in functions, easy to use, and have many advantages. What are the characteristics of specific oil-immersed transformers? ?

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The product features of oil-immersed test transformers are very many, and the application range is also relatively wide, whether it is power systems, industrial and mining enterprises or related scientific research departments, etc., it is a variety of high-voltage electrical equipment or electrical components and insulating materials The test or the insulation strength test under DC high voltage are all indispensable equipment. That is to say, the oil-immersed test transformer is one of the main equipment that cannot be lacked in the high voltage test.

The characteristics of oil-immersed test transformers are also very many. First of all, the selected materials are very good, and the quality is guaranteed to a certain extent, the stability is relatively good, the voltage span will be relatively large, but the power sound is small, so use It is also a new type of insulating material, which is relatively small in size and light in weight. The products are classified into AC, AC and DC series excitation and AC and DC series excitation. The operation method of oil-immersed test transformers also needs attention. When operating, We must pay attention to the case of the test transformer and the operating system to be reliable. When checking, we must pay attention to whether the voltage regulator is in double digits, whether the power supply is normal, or whether the tested product is clean, and must be absolutely dry. Before the load test, an air test is generally carried out. If any abnormality is found, the voltage must be continuously reduced, and the power supply must be cut off in time.

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