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The difference between test transformers

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There are many types of transformers currently on the market, and the advantages and disadvantages of different types of transformers are also different. Generally speaking, when we choose the test transformer, many people will choose the oil-immersed transformer, that is, the liquid transformer. There is also a dry-type transformer. What is the difference between a specific oil-type test transformer and a dry-type transformer? How should we choose? Let's take a brief look.

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Under normal circumstances, oil-type test transformers use flammable liquids, usually mineral oil, but some other liquids can also be used. Oil-type test transformers do not use flammable liquids, mainly relying on strong insulating materials. Increase the working temperature of the cooling. Under normal circumstances, many people will think that dry type is better than oil type test transformer, but in fact it is not the case. Different companies have different needs when testing, so we need to choose different when choosing. of. According to the overall sales situation on the market, oil-type test transformers are more popular than dry-type transformers. Oil-type test transformers are very durable and reliable with very high overload capacity.

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Oil-type test transformers can be cooled with flammable liquids. These devices are very suitable for outdoor places, so relatively speaking, there will be certain restrictions. However, the technology of oil-filled transformers has made some progress, replacing flammable fuel and more Stable liquid products will be used under strict environmental standards when used. Whether it is using any type of liquid oil or liquid transformer, it can provide better cooling effect than dry transformer, because the liquid cooling is more thorough, and The efficient cooling mechanism transforms into a smaller and more compact unit. When using an oil-type test transformer, in addition to cleaning and general inspection, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance and regular oil analysis.

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