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Precautions for using ground resistance tester

time:2020/7/27   source:华天电力  reading:532 time

When you use any kind of testing equipment, you definitely need to know what you need to pay attention to before using it. After knowing this aspect, you will have a very good guarantee for your entire use, and you will not spend a lot of energy on purchasing I found a test result that did not match my actual needs and suffered a great loss when I used it. So what should I pay attention to when using a digital ground resistance tester?

First, when you choose to use the ground resistance tester, you must disconnect the grounding line from the protected equipment, because if it is not disconnected, it will affect its measurement results, and there is no way to provide you with a very accurate How can you analyze the corresponding data and ensure that your soil meets the construction standards? Therefore, you need to pay attention to this aspect when you use the ground resistance tester.

Earth Resistance Tester.png

Second, when you are testing the soil, don’t make the soil absorb too much water. If the soil absorbs too much water, its moisture and climate pressure will not be tested very accurately, and it will also provide you with a lot of misleading. As a result, more food will appear during the entire construction of the grounding resistance tester, and even the entire project will be restarted. Once such a problem occurs, it will cause great losses to everyone.

So from the above, we can understand that when using any test, we need to know in advance, what are the most precautions when using it? Knowing this aspect will naturally have a higher guarantee during the entire selection process.

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