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Regular calibration of on-load tap changer tester

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The on-load tap-changer tester is also called the on-load switch tester. Now it has been used in many different equipment testing. It also highlights its strong data detection capabilities and has been recognized by everyone. When tap changer tester, it also needs to be calibrated regularly to ensure its test ability.

Because when you choose a testing instrument, it is impossible to use it every day. After every test, it will be sealed up and waited for the next test. Then if you use the on-load tap-changer tester every time If it is not calibrated, it may make its inspection data less and less accurate. It may even cause more minor problems during the entire inspection, which will lead to the unsolvable problems of facilities and equipment and affect the factory’s Productivity. After using the on-load tap changer tester, it needs to be calibrated regularly to ensure that it has a better performance highlight during the entire use.

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The reason for calibrating it is also because you can know whether your on-load tap changer tester has any faults during use. If not, you can continue to use it, if any, you need to solve it in time. In order to prolong its life and stabilize its working efficiency, otherwise, if the accuracy is not lowered for a long time, I don’t know if my on-load tap-changer tester is normal? So how can you ensure that it has a very high performance highlight during the entire use, and how can it detect very accurate data information?

Therefore, what has been said above can also answer that after choosing to use the on-load tap-changer tester, you still need to understand its related information and also need to be tested to ensure its entire use value.

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