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Parameters of on-load tap changer tester

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The on-load tap-changer tester (also known as the on-load switch tester) is indeed a very good test result, and it is more and more favored by many customers. However, everyone needs to check the on-load tap when buying or choosing. Learn about the relevant parameters of the switch tester, why?

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First, when you buy an on-load tap-changer tester, you will find that there are various types of on-load tap-changer testers in the market, and their performance is different for different parameters, and their detection effects are different. , If you do not understand its related parameters before purchasing, it is very likely that the on-load tap-changer tester you choose is not suitable for the needs of your own factory equipment, and even worse, it will be used in the whole There are more failures in the process, so how can the production efficiency of the factory be improved? So when you choose a tap changer tester, you also need to understand its related parameters.

Second, when you choose the on-load tap changer tester, you also need to know its related parameters in advance, because you need to set the corresponding data before using it. If you don’t even know its related parameters, How can we ensure a better value test during the whole use, and how can we make the whole test smoother and detect the data I want?

So from the above, it can be understood that when using the on-load tap changer tester, it is not as simple as everyone thinks. It is only necessary to connect the lines together, and the corresponding data information needs to be checked. The detection and understanding can ensure that there is a better value highlight during the entire detection. If you don’t have a special understanding of the corresponding data information, you can also consult the factory staff, and you can also provide you with a very good data reference.

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