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Simple operation of the relay protection tester

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Usually when choosing a tester, you also need to understand a lot of details before you can decide whether it is worth your own choice. This is especially true for the purchase of a relay protection tester (also known as a relay protection device). When choosing, you will find that it is very easy to carry and easy to operate.

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First of all, many people think that it is a very large and heavy tester before they have touched the relay protection tester, but when they really understand it, they will find that the size is very small and the weight is very light. It can be carried, and can be disassembled and assembled at any time. As long as it is used, it can be disassembled according to the correct steps, and then carried to the next factory for testing. It can be said that the whole carrying is very convenient and it will not make everyone very tired, so many When choosing a convenient and portable tester, the factory will first consider that the operation of the relay protection tester is very convenient.

Some people feel that it takes a lot of time to understand the buttons on the page when operating the relay protection tester, and then operate on different cases to achieve very good detection results. In fact, it is not like everyone Think so. After that, manually input the corresponding data information, the next thing to wait for is the test result, and you can intuitively understand the various test data from the LCD screen, which can provide you with a very intuitive data reference experience, so also It can be understood that the relay protection tester is a very easy to carry and easy to operate tester. After choosing the right one, it can have a very high use value and can improve the production efficiency of the factory.

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