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Calibration method of on-load tap changer tester

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On-load tap changer tester (also known as on-load switch tester) is one of the main equipment used on electricity. The main purpose of this equipment is to ensure the safety of the entire electricity. When the equipment is in use, the long-term test data is not always accurate, so it needs to be proofread after a period of use. So what methods can we use in the process of proofreading?

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In the process of using the on-load tap changer tester, one of the most important points is to conduct regular tests, so that some small problems that occur during use can be dealt with in time. If you find that the data checked by the instrument is inaccurate during the inspection, you must use different equipment to perform multiple tests, and then debug the malfunctioning instrument, so that this problem can be effectively solved. It's relatively simple.

Secondly, in the process of using the on-load tap-changer tester, there is a problem of inaccurate testing, so you must find some professional people to adjust. Because they will often come into contact with these issues in their daily work, they can accurately grasp these specific parameters, so it is relatively simple and quick to adjust. These two methods are some proofreading methods that are often used. Moreover, the data collated by these two methods are generally more accurate.

If there is a situation that cannot be clearly calibrated during the calibration process, you must check the on-load tap-changer tester to see if there is a problem with the equipment. If there is a problem in use, you must consult a professional or directly consult the merchant.

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