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Solve the problem of relay protection tester

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Before the start of the relay protection test of the microcomputer relay protection tester, the operator should analyze the dangerous points, explain the tasks and division of labor, and clarify the conditions and precautions of the work site and surrounding operating equipment. Check whether the arrangement of safety measures meets the requirements.

Before moving the equipment, the on-site commissioning personnel must check whether the name of the equipment is consistent with the equipment name on the operation ticket, and pay attention to the error interval and misoperation and maintenance. In the substation and on-site operation, the relay protection tester is not allowed to move the switch operating handle, car switch, ground button alarm, alarm bell, return button, trip voltage plate, voltage stabilizer, voltage switch, etc. If the above-mentioned equipment needs to be operated due to operation, it must obtain the consent of the relevant operator and operate under the supervision of the operator.

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Maintenance of important equipment, especially complex maintenance or maintenance of combined jump circuits. When conducting on-site inspections, there must be approved safety technical measures and test plans, and a dedicated person must be supervised.

The maintenance personnel of the relay protection tester must accept and cooperate with the operators when conducting the switch transmission test, otherwise the personnel of the relay protection tester shall not operate alone. When operating on the inspection panel and secondary circuit equipment, the components and terminal blocks near the running equipment on both sides should be covered with curtains or insulators marked "in operation" to prevent accidents caused by accidental touch and accidental gas dropping. It is strictly prohibited to drill holes in the operation and maintenance disk. When drilling or vibrating operations near the operation and maintenance board are required, anti-vibration measures must be taken, and related maintenance should be stopped when necessary.

When transferring or placing equipment in the aisle before and after the control panel or the inspection panel, keep sufficient intervals to prevent accidentally touching the running panel and causing the switch to trip. When working on a circuit where equipment operation and partial maintenance are stopped, in addition to disconnecting the tripping plate, the circuit related to the operating equipment that is not controlled by the tripping plate should be disconnected. The connection of the bus differential and the fault circuit, the wiring of the bus differential and the fault circuit must be double fracture, all the broken wire ends should be packaged and recorded, and the recording will be restored after the operation.

When checking the secondary circuit or action test of the relay protection tester, check the tripping circuit and the breaking position of the start circuit pressure plate related to the secondary circuit of other operating equipment. It is necessary to carefully supervise the wiring, wiring or power-on test at each terminal of the operating equipment, and beware of accidental touch, accidental touch, accidental connection or accidental disassembly operation and maintenance. When operating on the maintenance or control panel, a screwdriver with less exposed conductor must be used to prevent accidental or accidental touch.

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