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Analysis of DC High Voltage Generator

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The DC high voltage generator adopts a high-frequency voltage doubler circuit, applies the latest PWM pulse width modulation technology and voltage and current double closed-loop feedback technology to improve the power supply regulation rate and load regulation rate, so that the voltage stability is high and the ripple is small.

Instructions for current-limiting resistance of DC high voltage generator

1. Current-limiting resistance function: When the test product breaks down or flickers, it plays a role in limiting the current, so as not to damage the test equipment.

2. How to use: Just screw the M10 nut at one end of the current-limiting resistor to the top of the DC high-voltage generator pressure doubler barrel and the high-voltage output line bolt. If you want to connect a high-voltage microammeter in series (SWB-V type meter is optional), just screw the M10 nut at the bottom of the microammeter to the other end of the current-limiting resistor.

3. If the intelligent DC high-voltage generator is used, and the test product is zinc oxide arrester, general valve arrester and high-voltage switch and other electrical equipment, current limiting resistors can be omitted. That is to say, all the small current and small capacitor samples can not use the current limiting resistor.

4. Power cables, transformers, motors and other large capacitor samples should be tested in series with current-limiting resistors in the high-voltage circuit to protect the test equipment.

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Precautions for using DC high voltage generator

1. When using the straight high hair, be sure to read the product manual carefully to understand the working principle and operation process of the product.

2. Before the working power supply enters the tester, install two obvious disconnect points. When replacing the tested product and wiring, the working power disconnection point should be clearly disconnected.

3. Before the test, check whether the control box, doubler cylinder and the tested product are connected properly.

4. The discharge of the tested product should be discharged to the tested product through a 100Ω/V discharge resistance rod. The discharge rod should not be immediately contacted with the tested product during discharge. The discharge rod should be gradually approached to the tested product, and start at a certain distance from the air gap. The free discharge has a hissing sound. When there is no sound, the ground terminal of the discharge rod can be used to discharge, and finally the ground wire is directly connected to discharge.

5. At 220KV and above, although the operator wears insulated boots and stands at a safe distance, due to the influence of the DC high-voltage ion spatial electric field distribution, several adjacent standing bodies will have different DC potentials. Do not shake hands or touch the grounding point, otherwise there will be a slight electric shock. This phenomenon often occurs in dry areas and areas that are more obvious in winter. However, due to the low energy, it will generally not cause harm to the human body.

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